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Joseph Simmons

We're excited to release the new version 2023.10. This release brings a number of important bug fixes and bilibili support.

First and foremost is a graphical interface rendering bug on the macOS Sonoma (Intel) platform. Thanks to all users for their patience, we finally fixed this bug 20 days after macOS Sonoma was released.

Also, we've actually optimized it for multi-monitors use. In previous versions, when the user used two monitors, the length and width of the built-in browser were too large and required the user to manually adjust each time. Now this annoying bug is gone.

Due to some technical reasons, we've disabled the built-in media player on all platforms. This is a temporary decision. In the future, we will restore the built-in player as soon as the relevant bugs are fixed in the upstream development library.

We recommend all users upgrade to this version. And we would also like to thank the users who have reported bugs to us.