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The best web video downloader

Download videos/music being played in the browser.

Runs on .

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Fist Class Browser Support

  • Work with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge seamlessly
  • No need to install a browser plug-in
  • Automatically discover the playing videos/musics
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Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
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The Most Powerful Downloader

  • Support most of the popular HTTP(s), HLS(m3u8), DASH(mpd) protocols
  • Supports 4K or even higher resolution videos
  • Automatically merges video and audio that are transmitted separately
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Easy to Use

  • Ship with a built-In browser - WhaleDown
  • Support Windows, macOS (Intel & Silicon) and Android
  • Built-in media player (macOS)
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  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Active development to support more websites
  • Email support for paid users
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Best video and music downloader out there!

This is the best downloader out there. Its not limited to few sites like youtube. No need to do the hard part of digging the url of the video.

It has detector for the pages you visit in the browser (supports Chrome/Brave etc.. and its own) which automatically lists the music and videos available for downloading.

Download all in one button or selectively. The detector has so much scope to automatically download whole course.

There is nothing in the market that can compare to this. Works on Windows/Mac/Android. Brilliant!

by @Pankaj