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Android Version 2022.1.1 Released

ยท One min read
Joseph Simmons

We are happy to announce WhaleDown Android 2022.1.1 today. This releases ships with lots of updates and bug fixes.

What's newโ€‹

  • [browser] New settings view.
  • [browser] Update design of top toolbar.
  • [browser] New navigation controls.
  • [detector] Optmize rules for TikTok and DouYin.
  • [downloader] Long press to show context menu".
  • [downloader] Show download speed.

Bug fixesโ€‹

  • [browser] Fix can not navigate bug after going back to blank page.
  • [detector] Fix a critical bug in detector rules engine.
  • [downloader] Fix file size estimation bug.
  • [downloader] Fix a critical performance bug.


Thanks to @Anonymos for suggestions.